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Our training programmes are delivered by a fully qualified, experienced classroom teacher. These will enable you to access your new technology and utilise it to enhance learning and engagement for your students. This programme is designed for the skills training to build on the content of each introductory training session.
For more information, a detailed programme can be requested.

Get Going Training

This training is carried out by a member of our training team who has an in depth understanding of the Genee products. This training is to check that all your software and hardware is accessible and will also give you an overview of the basic functions so you can begin to use it in your classroom.

Webinar to equip you with the confidence to get going with your new purchase.

We will show you a few of the simple features of your screen and software to get you going.

  1. Product Connectivity Understand how to connect devices to your screen and check for simple errors in connections.
  2. Software Check Make sure that all your software is installed and working correctly.
  3. Presentation Tools Take a look at the simple tools needed to deliver content on your touch screen using the Spark II software.
  4. Creating on Project Flow How to create basic content on Project Flow
  5. Sharing via Project Flow Understand how to share created content with connected devices via Project Flow.
  6. Software Showcase View the possibilities of your new software and hardware
  7. Q&A with Your Experienced Trainer.

All new users of the products.

Anyone who has not received any interactive touch screen training.

Users lacking confidence in their touch screen software abilities.

Access to the internet to view this convenient online webinar

Getting started with your screen and its software.

Confidence to begin utilising a small range of features within your lessons.

The Real Lesson
Delivery Tool

1 1/2 Hours

Understand the basic functionality of SPARK II.
Begin delivering next generation lesson content

3 Hours

Develop skills from the introductory training that enables you to use the advanced functionality of SPARK II.
This session also dedicates time to develop resources within SPARK II with expert help.

Using The Real Planning,
Teaching & Collaboration Tool

1 1/2 Hours

Training on our Project Flow software, to allow you to manage and control a multi-device lesson.

CubeShare training can be added on if applicable.

1 1/2 Hours

This unit can be added on to the introductory training to give you further support using our Project Flow software

Enquire About Training

Using The Real Assessment
& Evaluation Tool

1 1/2 Hours

Learn about our lightweight questioning software – CensUs and it’s use in lessons. An introduction to ClassComm’s detailed questioning and reporting functionality.

3 Hours

Consider advanced formative and summative assessment techniques within ClassComm, using in-depth data. Understand how Project Flow can be used for assessment.