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Pebble audience response system being heldPebble - 32 user audience response system set

Pebble – Audience response system

The Pebble audience response system is designed to create interactivity between the presenter and their audience. By using one of the wireless Pebble handsets the participants can answer questions that are either pre-prepared or produced on the fly. Questions can include:

  • true/false
  • yes/no
  • multiple choice
  • multiple mark
  • numeric
  • sequence
  • likert scale
  • e-vote
  • demographic answers

The pebble system is quick to implement and is highly portable, allowing you to increase participation and provide data feedback fast and painless.

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The Pebble has a streamlined easy to grip design, which combined with its versatility, can be used anywhere from the corporate boardroom to the classroom.

Powerful easy to use software
The pebble comes with a free copy of Class Comm 5 audience response software which works with PowerPoint so there is no need to learn new software. You can even save time by using pre-prepared PowerPoint slides.

Simple result analysis
The Class Comm 5 gathers the results in real-time and the data can be displayed in a range of different ways. Graphs can be created instantly and shown within the presentation for all to view. This type of statistical analysis allows presenters to accurately gauge participant understanding of the subject matter and even set threshold limits so that they know immediately if the number of correct answers falls below this limit. The Pebble audience response system offers many potential benefits, including:

  • Improve attentiveness
  • Increase knowledge retention
  • Allow personalised learning
  • Poll anonymously
  • Track individual responses
  • Display polling results immediately
  • Create an interactive and fun learning environment with individual and team building games
  • Confirm audience understanding of key points immediately
  • Gather data for reporting and analysis, including trend analysis
  • Ad-hoc capability
  • Ask spontaneous questions
  • PowerPoint integration
  • Pace control

Our standard set comes with:

  • 32 participant handsets
  • 1 presenter handset
  • 1 carry case
  • 1 receiver
  • Class Comm 5 – audience response system software
  • and enough batteries to get you started
Custom sets are available


Wireless – 2400-2483.5 MHz

Browser Compatibility


App Support



2 x AA batteries

Presenter Remote


Question Type

True / False, Yes / No, Multiple Choice, Multiple Mark, Numeric, Sequence, Likert Scale, E-vote, Demographic




Up to 40m

Group Size

253 (1000 with 4 receivers)


USB Cable, USB Receiver, Carry Case

Compatible Software

Class Comm 5, Class Comm Cloud (Via Receiver App)

Compatible Resources

Genee Gold Primary, Genee Gold Secondary


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