Genee Vision 9100HD – Visualiser

Genee Vision 9100HD – Visualiser

The 9100HD is a top-of the-range motorised visualiser, which uses the latest static imaging and video recording technology
for high-definition presentations.

Visualisers can capture still images and video and, when combined with software such as Genee Toolbar and Genee Spark, enable you to annotate, highlight and draw over the objects and save your annotation as an image or video file.

The visualiser comes with our exclusive Toolbar presentation software and Video Cap for visualiser video, image and screen capture.

Visualiser key features and benefits

A visualiser is an extremely flexible teaching and presentation tool allowing presenters, teachers or students to display objects onto an interactive whiteboard, computer or LED touchscreen. This means 3D objects, books, worksheets, maps and text can be viewed by a large audience without the need to be copied and distributed.

Genee Vision 9100HD use a high-quality CCD camera mounted to a rotating arm. With a powerful zoom, focus and 720P or 1080P HD ready, visualisers can be used to capture still images or video

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The motorised camera head allowing you to rotate the camera vertically up to 330°. You can automatically scroll through a document or object. This feature also allows you to project yourself doing a live demonstration, freeing you from the restriction of a table.
A Genee visualiser seamlessly integrates with your touchscreen or video conferencing system. Presentations become much more flexible and dynamic.
You may have a situation where you want to split screen your images, mirror them, image capture etc. but what if you lost your remote or the UI on 3rd party software is difficult to navigate? The Premium Visualiser Range all come with on-board controls for quick and convenient access to all features.
You’ve executed your presentation and you’ve handed out a copy of your slides, but what about the content you demonstrated? Not to worry, Genee Visualisers can capture still images and video, the complete summation of your presentation can be used to play back for students to review.




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