Genee Cube – Presentation plan software

Genee Cube – Presentation plan software

Genee Cube is used to import resources from your network, visualiser or the internet to help you create engaging and exciting presentations, templates and lesson plans.

Genee Cube can play interactive content, such as Flash animations and videos, audios files, images and You Tube videos, as well as providing tools for writing and drawing over live videos.

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Lesson Creation
Powerful and easy-to-use – the simple interface lets you build interactive lessons that are fun and engaging, which means that students will retain more information and learn faster. Shape recognition, screen record, text recognition and multiple objects grouping are just some of the tools that can be used to enhance the learning experience. Genee Cube users also have the ability to import PowerPoint presentations and Google Images.

Dynamic Learning
Learning will be interactive and fun when using the Genee Cube. That’s because the software plays interactive content like flash, videos, audio, images and You Tube videos, giving educators the mean to make lessons more engaging and fun. Genee Cube Interactive Whiteboard Lesson Plan Software

Work with…
Genee Cube can capture live video streaming from Genee visualisers with the added ability to capture, annotate and export in various common formats.

Spotlight Tool Use the spotlight to highlight text, images etc while hiding content that?s not relevant.
Curtain Tool Hide and show parts of the page as required.
Presentation Mode After preparing your lesson you can switch to the presentation mode to see how your project will be seen by your students.
Screen Capture Cube enables you to capture whole or part of a screen which you can insert quickly and easily into your project book.
Pages Create multiple pages in a lesson
Multimedia Files Insert audio, video or Adobe Flash files into any lesson
Video Player Resize, move and place anywhere on your page
You Tube Incorporate You Tube videos. Resize, move and place anywhere on your page
Genee Visualiser Support Capture live video streaming from Genee Visualisers with the added ability to capture, annotate and export in various common formats
Shape Recognition Magic Pen is our shape recognition tool, draw a freehand square or other shape and its transformed, quick and easy
Annotation tools Pen, Brush, Highlighter and Block Highlighter
Handwriting Recognition Tool Write text, and transform into text using the Handwriting Recognition tool.
Shape Tools Add a variety of shapes using the simple shape dropdown menu. Rectangle, Circle, Triangle, Right Angle Triangle, Pentagon, Stars (Five-point, six-point), Arc and Line
Shape Options Change the fill and line colour, alter the line width and shape opacity with the simple to use tool box
Erase You have various options available in the toolbar or menu
Brush: Use the eraser brush to erases pixels as you drag it across the page.
Clear Annotations: Clears all the annotations from the page without losing any other objects on the page.
Clear Shapes: Clears all the shapes from the page without losing any other items on the page.
Clear Page: Clears all items from the page
Resizing Simply select the item, click and drag the corner handles to resize
Rotate Simply select the item, click and drag the circle handler
Group Group items so they can easily be moved around the page
Background Create themed pages using, background colours and images, and apply them to pages.
Quick media Options Lined paper, graph paper, number square, shaped paper, clock
On-Screen Keyboard Select the on-screen keyboard to type text, numbers or symbols into any page directly at the interactive whiteboard or touch screen
Utilities Get quick and easy access to calculator and internet browser.
Full Screen You can edit your project in full screen preview mode to ensure your lesson plan looks great
Page Sorter View pages as thumbnails using the page sorter. Reorder your presentation by simply right clicking and selecting move up or down.
Customisable Toolbar Choose the tools you use most, and put them on your Genee Cube software toolbar
Export Files Save Genee Cube files in various formats, including .ppt, .pdf and .html.
Import Files Import PowerPoint files


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