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Early Years Tilt & Touch Table

//Early Years Tilt & Touch Table

Early Years Tilt & Touch Table

The Genee Tilt & Touch table is a great addition to any Nursery, Key Stage 1, 2 or SEN classroom. It inspires fun learning with subject specific content. Children learn and engage through game-led learning creating an environment that encourages collaboration and team building.The Tilt and Touch Tables are pre-loaded with a huge range of educational software that encourages numeracy, literacy, creativity, letter formation, music, art and much more.

Many of these programmes are multi-touch, enabling several children to use the screen at the same time. Tilt and Touch Tables can be used in a horizontal position as a table, allowing more students to interact together. Alternatively, the tables can be tilted through 75° to enable students to use it more comfortably sitting down or if they are playing on their own. The High-Low version of our 42” Tilt and Touch Table can be placed in the vertical position.

The height can be altered, which allows comfortable access for taller students or for wheelchair access. The Tilt and Touch Table range comes in three configurations, all with a built-in Windows PC. See overleaf for full specifications.


Genee Finance Available:

32″ from £77.00 a month

*based on a 5 year period, terms & conditions apply

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