Presentation aids

Genee World offers dedicated aids to untether presenters from the presentation screen and enable them to control and interact with it remotely.

Wireless presentation devices enable much greater freedom for presenters to control on-screen content from their laptops or mobile devices while being able to face the audience or even move around or interact with other devices, such as visualisers.

Genee World’s wireless devices provide all the interactive functions available to the presenter interacting directly with the screen, while offering additional benefits, such as enabling multiple users to interact with the screen remotely.

      • Turns any display with a VGA or HDMI input into a wireless and/or networked display
      • USB port for interactive displays or interactive whiteboards
      • Provide conference control for effortlessly switch presenters for seamless business collaboration or teachers can wirelessly connect their students’ laptops and choose which students can display their work
      • Fast and clean reproductions of video and audio even at 1080P at 30 fps
      • Genee Sync can work as a network access point, which allows any wireless enabled device to connect, present and/or access corporate network resources or just the internet
  • The Genee Classcreen is a small (17” or 19”) interactive touch LCD monitor that is connected to a computer, which is then projected onto a larger surface such as an interactive whiteboard or a pull-down screen. What is shown on the larger surface is controlled by what is on the Classcreen via the stylus pen that acts as a mouse. It is a perfect tool for use in lessons, lectures and presentations. Where the presenter can now face the audience and yet still see/control, what is on the large screen behind.
  • The Genee Click Controller is the ideal teaching & presenting aid for the classroom, boardroom environment. The all-in-one controller gives the teacher/presenter the freedom to communicate with the PC from anywhere in the room via RF frequency. With all of the benefits of an air mouse, Android remote and a Motion Game Controller; the new Genee Click now has a full numerical keypad and a QWERTY keyboard. Presenters can now type text to their presentation while engaging with the audience from anywhere in the room.
  • The Genee Click 2 Control device is a simple yet advanced wireless presenting tool that has all the properties of an air mouse, Android remote and a motion game controller all in one. Featuring a number of built-in controls the Click 2 Control enables you to control your lessons and presentations without the need to be sat in front of your computer. Move forwards and backwards through presentations, adjust the volume and use left and right click (just like you would on a normal mouse).
  • The Genee Slate is a graphic tablet which is used to communicate with an interactive whiteboard or touchscreen through a wireless RF dongle that plugs into a computer. Presenters and teachers now no longer need to stand at the front while facing an audience during a presentation or lesson.