Visualiser case study – Heworth Grange CLC – Tyne & Wear

Visualiser case study – Heworth Grange CLC – Tyne & Wear 2017-03-27T14:40:37+00:00

Project Description


The project

To use the visualiser as an alternative to a wipeable whiteboard in a City Learning Centre classroom with visiting pupils aged 4 to 16 years.


  • To give pupils instructions in a fun and engaging way
  • To remind pupils of information such as keyboard shortcuts
  • To replace the wipeable whiteboard for the classroom

Actions taken

On receiving the visualiser all six teachers had basic training to use the equipment linked to a wall mounted monitor in the classroom. It quickly became an integral part of the lesson preparation. The teachers use prepared sheets, printed screenshots, or a blank sheet to record on during the lesson.

Evidence of success

“We usually introduce ourselves by having our name on the visualiser. Then we draw/write the names of folders and activity sheets they need to access, step by step. It has had screenshots or drawn pictures of how the screen will alter and what that means. For example, a message will appear to explain how a hyperlink will work (see above); or if the ctrl key is held down the cursor changes to a hand. The visualiser has been a successful alternative to writing on a whiteboard.

The technicians were genuinely impressed by how easy it was to set up. The LED lights should last really well. One of the benefits of the visualiser is that you can zoom in. That can assist the teacher to focus pupils and explain exactly what they should see.”

‘At first I didn’t really want to use the room without the whiteboard. Once I realised how easy the visualiser was to use and how useful zoom would be, I loved it.’


Using the visualiser has proved to be of huge benefit for many of the pupils who come through the centre. We have had children of all ages in the CLC and using this classroom has been a special and different environment for them to learn in.

Project Details