Visualiser case study – City of Bradford MDC

Visualiser case study – City of Bradford MDC 2017-03-27T14:45:07+00:00

Project Description

The aim of the project was to explore how developments in ICT can help improve teaching and learning to raise standards in the Bradford secondary schools. The Council decided the best way to assess results was to use technology that could help teachers plan and execute lessons effectively, while at the same time record the lessons and the students’ results for assessment later.

Genee World was contacted, and after many discussions on what equipment would be best for the project, the council ordered the Genee Vision 8100 visualiser and a set of Pebble Pad audience response systems.

The pilot programme and technologies were modelled extensively by secondary consultants during local authority training and events, such as Bradford GSE Skills Roadshow. This approach gave the students and staff the chance to explore the use of technologies in context, which led to many schools increased uptake and use of them.

“We achieved all of the intended objectives, said Deborah Allen, Senior Cross-phase consultant, APP Consultants.”
The success of the project has meant that Genee World is involved in the next stage and will continue working with the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council.

Project Details