Audience response system case study – LS Productions

Audience response system case study – LS Productions 2017-03-27T14:43:40+00:00

Project Description



As a key company goal, supporting the local community was essential. The aim of the project was to evaluate staff in a way that was interactive and group-based, while individuals and their answers remained anonymous.

General survey questions were developed to establish levels of staff interest and identify projects for participation.

The Pebble audience response system was chosen as it ticked all the boxes as a way for audiences to respond in an engaging and intuitive way. The results of the surveys were then saved for later evaluation, the project leaders were then able to assess where there were gaps in knowledge and attain feedback. It also helped them to assess individual commitment to local community projects.

“As a management tool, the Pebbles will become an invaluable part of gauging staff feelings in a non-threatening way for staff and management alike.’” said Nick Satchell of LS Productions. “It will certainly make us think carefully about the clarity of the questions we ask to gain maximum benefits. We are delighted we took the plunge and invested in the Pebble audience response systems.”

The success of the project has meant that Genee World are now involved with sub-groups of the project using the Pebbles for assessment and training.

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