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Insert Visualiser into Spark


Select the visualizer function

button from the “Insert” option; drag it to the page.  A visualiser image will appear. (see attached image)

Functions of the visualizer are listed below. (See image attached)


Initiate the review function of the visualizer.


Stop the preview function of the visualizer.

Switch between equipments

Switch the operations between different equipments. When the computer is connected to the visualizer and the camera, if the software is inserted with the visualizer function, the system will display the visualizer as the default setting when it is initiated. Use the “Switch between equipment” button to switch to camera, when needed.

Photo shot

Perform snapshot of the screen of the visualizer.

Zoom in

Enlarge the image on the visualizer.

Zoom out

Reduce the scale of the image on the visualizer.

Auto focus

Perform automatically focusing on the image of the visualizer.

Turn on the lower light

Turn on the lower light in the visualizer.

Turn on the upper light

Turn on the upper light in the visualizer arm above the visualizer panel screen.

Turn off the light

Turn off the visualizer light.

Text mode

Switch to the text mode and edit the text contents.

Graphic mode

Switch to the graphic mode and process the graphics.


Visualiser-Insert.png Visualiser-Insert.png
Visualiser-insert-menu.png Visualiser-insert-menu.png

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