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Optimising Spark for Windows 7 & Windows 8


In order to optimize the software performance in the WIN8 operating system, conduct the following steps:

WIN8 Operating System

Click “Control panel” and “Pen and touch screen” in sequence; then de-select “Touch screen display and intuitive response” feature, as demonstrated in attachment 1 - The WIN8 touch screen adjustment.

Win8 system connecting the projector, conduct the following steps:

The notebook with Win8 operating system needs to use "Projector Only"mode when connect the projector to whiteboard (large screen), because of Win8 system compatibility display compatibility .

WIN7、WIN8 Operating System

For WIN7 and WIN8 operating system,the system display-"Make text and other items larger or smaller" settings options need to be changed as follow: When the proportion is set to be "larger-150%", as shown in , the Custom DPI Setting option "Use Windows XP style DPI scaling" should be selected as shown in . as demonstrated in attachment 2.

The-WIN8-touch-screen-adjustment.png The-WIN8-touch-screen-adjustment.png
Set-custom-text-size.png Set-custom-text-size.png

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