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Tools within the Spark Software


Clock/Timer -

This tool provides the functions of clock and countdown timer.

Calculator -

The calculator is popped up when you click this button. You may operate on it directly.

Curtain -

You may cover the whole screen by clicking this button and display the covered content by dragging the curtain in the direction of up, down, left or right.

Hand Writing -

This tool provides identification tool for your handwriting. It can recognize your handwriting as the printed character.

Image Capturer -

You can capture current content on the screen.

Screen Keyboard -

When you click this button, the screen keyboard is popped up.

Spotlight -

This button provides the effect of spotlight for you. This tool highlights a certain area, so that the audiences can concentrate on the illuminated part.

Window Player -

This tool provides a dedicated window to play FLASH,PPT and other presentation files.

Writing Panel -

A new window is added on the original slide to write

Magnifier -

A local amplifier with coordinate scale is provided for you

Screen Recorder -

A screen recorder with coordinate scale is provided for you

Custom Recording -

This tool can record、play、save、and stop operations of the current page.

Lock Screen -

The whole software page will be covered by semi-transparent layer, which can prevent the mistake operation when we do not use whiteboard software.

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