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ClassComm Presentation Settings


Single response per Handset:

If this communication option is selected only the first response from the student handset will be accepted.

Student feedback:

If this feature is selected the student will get instant feedback on their handset stating if their response was correct or incorrect.

Show if threshold is below (optional):

A notification will appear during the running of a presentation if the percentage of correct responses received falls below the threshold set here.

Auto Response Taken:

If selected, this option automatically starts the recording of student responses as each slide in a presentation is displayed. If this option is de-selected, the presenter has to manually “play” each slide before student responses from the handset’s are accepted.

Select Game: The presenter can include a game in the activity they are about to present by selecting one from the drop down list. The student with the most correct answers and fastest responses will win the game. The Games option is only available in Record Assessment Mode for Existing Class and Ad Hoc Class Presentations. NOTE: ClassComm 5 introduces 2 new group based games – Hockey and Cricket. These require a specific setup to play. See the Advanced functionality – Hockey and Cricket games setup section towards the end of this guide for further details

Handset standby time (Min.): The time selected here determines how long in minutes the handsets will remain powered on without use before powering down to standby mode. If the handset does go into standby mode during a presentation, it will retain its last setting when switched on again so that the participant can continue to send responses in sync with the Presentation question.

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