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Mapping a PowerPoint Activity – Method 1


Whilst in the Resources area of ClassComm, select File > New > New Activity > New PowerPoint Activity. Now click browse and choose the location of the PowerPoint Activity you wish to add and click open in the “Please select a presentation” window.

By default, any un-mapped presentations added to ClassComm will set all slides to Information type. A previously mapped PowerPoint presentation will retain its previous mapping only if the associated XML mapping file is stored in the same location as the original PowerPoint.

Mapping a PowerPoint Activity – Method 1 - MAP ACTIVITY WINDOW

Select the PowerPoint presentation that has been added to the Resources window from the previous step by clicking on it once. The presentation slides will appear as thumbnails in the right side of the screen as shown in the following image: (Image is attached to this article)

Go to Settings > Map Activity from the top main menu bar. The “Map Activity” screen will appear as shown in the following image. All the slides will be numbered and listed in the Map Activity window. Using the drop-down boxes next to each slide number, select the appropriate options in order to map the slide as required for the selected activity/presentation. Note that depending upon the type of Slide Type selected, certain options may be unavailable. For example, for True/False, Yes/No, Text and Numeric type slides, there will be no option to select response type or numbers of choices as these options are only relevant to Multiple Choice, Multiple Mark, Sequence and Likert slide types. Click OK once mapping is completed.

Mapping-PP-in-ClassComm.png Mapping-PP-in-ClassComm.png

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