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How do i change handset ID numbers (Genee Pad & IQ-Pad)



To change the handset id, use the following steps in sequence:

Keep the ‘/’ key pressed for a few seconds until a ‘?’ appears on the display screen.

If the ‘/’ also appears on the display screen, then erase it using the ‘del’ key.

Type 1234 on the keypad and press the “Delta” or “Chart” key if using the Teacher handset.

‘ID=’ will be displayed on the screen.

Enter the handset id you want to be allocated to the handset in three digit format. For example,

to set the handset id to 1, enter 001 on the keypad.

Note: Handset id must be between “000” and “255” excluding “126” and “206”.

Press the “Delta” key again. Handset id will be set to the number entered. This can be confirmed

by checking the number being displayed in the upper-right corner of the handset screen.

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