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Maintenance Tips


Do not put or install the product near a heat source or under direct sunlight, in dusty or humid places, or where the product can be affected or damaged by mechanical vibration. To maximize the performance, it should be put away from equipment such as grid, large metal objects and radar stations as far as possible.

Do not wipe the panel with any chemical agent. Solvents may damage the enclosure or paint. If the panel is stained by dust, please cut off the power, soak the clean cloth in warm water, wring it to clean the panel. You should use a clean soft cloth to clean the LED display of the panel.

Do not frequently switch on and off the product. This can shorten the product’s service life. After the panel is switched off, please wait for three minutes before switching on it again. If the product is not to be used for a long period of time, please disconnect the product from power supply.

Do not maximize the brightness and contrast of the LED display for a long period of time, which can shorten the LED display’s service life.

Do not write on the touch screen with a hard object, which can scratch the LED display.

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