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Harnessing the Power and Potential of Technology in the Classroom

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It is widely acknowledged that our world today (work, rest and play), revolves around and is often dominated by technology. Some data sources suggest that the number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019 (statista.com). This, coupled with the portfolio of other devices that people own or have access to, means that we are essentially dependent upon technology to function in our daily lives.

Technology is arguably integral in all professional work environments. Not only is it essential in creating effectiveness and efficiencies in our workplaces but brings significant and exciting opportunity to them. In the education field and in relation to training and continuing professional development (CPD) specifically, technology has the power to transform the way we train teachers, teach students and shape young minds for the future.

Teacher training is one area in which technology has the ability to truly revolutionise education. It enables and facilitates collaborative work, supports relationships and builds strong networks by allowing trainees to communicate, cultivate ideas and to learn and grow together. Most importantly technology accommodates and fully supports individual learning needs.

At Titan Partnership, we have successfully trained teachers for over 20 years, working with primary and secondary schools across Birmingham to deliver outstanding school-based training. Our programmes which offer a bespoke, localised approach to training teachers for inner-city schools have recently been made even more effective through the donation of an 84-inch interactive touch screen from Genee World, providing a platform for a more community-centred, collaborative approach.

By really harnessing the potential of technology into Titan’s teacher training programmes, we can ensure that from the start of their careers, teachers are able to expand their knowledge and most importantly practice the skills required to use technology for the greatest benefit and impact on student learning.

Using this kind of technology also allows our trainees to be more creative. They can develop new content, share ideas, work in teams, analyse data and communicate virtually, all of which mirror the skills needed in the workplace. The different programmes and platforms encourage real creativity and stimulate innovation in the classroom. This technology is key to creating professional and confident trainee teachers which in turn creates confident, inquisitive and analytical young people.

As trainee teachers embark on their careers in education, technology becomes a vital partner in their CPD. Technology provides a ‘safe’ environment for practicing teaching skills as well as facilitating effective collaboration and communication. Also, because of the possibilities and opportunities presented by technology, trainee teachers can work, learn and practice together which enriches their overall learning experience.

The power and potential of technology in training our teachers and leaders of the future is far reaching and there is still so much to explore and learn as to how we can best harness technology to train our future education professionals. In extremely challenging times, technology continues to present a very exciting future for education, for our future teachers and leaders and most importantly for our young people. At Titan we are certainly embracing everything technology has to offer our trainee teachers, staff and students across our network.

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