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Audience Response System

Genee World audience response systems enable audiences or students to give instant feedback or answer questions posed by the presenter.

The audience can respond immediately by using either dedicated wireless handsets or devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. These responses are analysed and presented in real-time on the G-Touch screen or an interactive whiteboard.

Questions can be created in advance or during the presentation in just three clicks. Ranging from simple yes/no responses through multiple choice to text answers, team-building games can also be devised. The data can be displayed graphically, and thresholds can be set for minimum correct answers to give an immediate indication of where further explanation is required.

Audience response systems have been shown to increase engagement and participation in classrooms. The respondents’ contributions can be analysed while the discussion is current, enabling the presenter and other participants to provide instant feedback.

Dispensing with paper tests and questionnaires saves time for the presenter/teacher and reduces their carbon footprint.

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