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Genee Vision 9100 Visualiser / Document Camera

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The Genee Vision 9100 Visualiser can pick-up any kind of material, whether it be photographs, books, or 3D objects and effortlessly present them to your audience via a interactive whiteboard or interactive touch screen. The Genee Vision is powerful, robust, offers optimum clarity due to the Genee Diamond Vision lens and its packed full of features that will revolutionise and enhance your presentation including:
  • 2 MP camera
  • Rotating head 330°
  • 96x total zoom (12x optical and 8x digital)
  • Built in LED arm lights
  • Built in 8.5" light box for x-rays and slides
  • Kensington lock compatibility
  • Genee Toolbar software - annotate over still images and video with simple-to-use presentation software
  • USB 2 compatibility
  • Remote control
  • Optional Geneemation (stop motion animation software)
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Operate without a computer!
Many Visualisers need to be connected to a computer to operate, not the Genee Vision 9100. A PC is only required when recording or editing images.

Great for dark rooms
The Genee Vision 9100 is equipped with two LED arm lights as well as a backlight that sheds light on objects so you can display information from things like 3D objects, books, photo films and x-rays even in a dark room.

Great for magnification
The powerful 12x optical zoom function allows you to see detail that is not often visible to the human eye. Combined with the digital zoom you can zoom up to 96x.

Easy to use
Not all of us are experts when it comes to understanding new equipment, however, the Genee Vision 9100 is extremely user friendly. You can plug the Visualiser directly into your Projector or Interactive Touch Screen. You can also use it via your computer, just plug in the USB and you're ready to go. The one touch buttons provide easy access to the Visualiser functions and if you prefer to be mobile, you can even use the intuitive remote control. Functions include:

  • Freeze
  • Negative / positive
  • Mirror
  • Split screen
  • Rotate 360° in 90° steps
  • Black and white
  • Title
  • Focus
  • Auto focus
  • Brightness
  • Volume
  • Image capture
  • Image recall
  • Backlights / arm lights

The Genee Vision 9100 allows you to effortlessly enlarge source materials, pictures and 3D objects and present them to your audience. You can take pictures and record videos, which can then be uploaded to an online resource area or kept for future reference. There are many other ways that a Visualiser can enhance your presentation including:

  • Quickly and easily create slides from multiple data sources and external systems
  • Present documents or mind-mapping ideas in board meetings, presentations and training
  • Keep meetings lively and interesting and retain audience focus
  • Demonstrate products, applications, features and ideas to large groups of people
  • Save time and money by eliminating high cost of creating and distributing print-outs
  • Create an animation or record a demonstration quickly and easily using the Visualisers video and image capture software
  • Use with Genee audience response systems to create fantastic presentations with relevant and stimulating spontaneous questions
  • Interoperable with all Interactive Whiteboards and Interactive Touch Screens
  • Automatic adjusting lens for seamless short throw/long throw transition
  • One touch image rotation for easy full page viewing

Seamless Integration
A Genee Vision Visualiser seamlessly integrates with your projector, interactive whiteboard, interactive touch screen and video conferencing system. Your presentations become much more flexible and dynamic, because anything can be displayed at any time, with no fixed order and without the need for lengthy preparation in advance.

Attention Grabbing
Due to the live factor, objects presented under the Visualiser capture far more attention than that of flat objects presented by presentation software such as PowerPoint. The Presenter can personalise the presentation by annotating over the live Visualiser feed, zooming in and out to view every detail, moving the Visualiser camera around to show different angles or by adding more objects for comparison. With all these possibilities and many more, the Genee Vision Visualiser has to be one of the most flexible presentation tools available.

  • Prepare in advance for presentations, complex charts and grids.
  • Quickly and easily create slides from multiple data sources and external systems.
  • Manage data in a controlled, organized and protected way.
  • Present documents or brain-storm ideas in board meetings, presentations and training.
  • Keep meetings lively and interesting and retain audience focus.
  • Demonstrate products, applications, features and ideas to large groups of people.
  • Save time and money by eliminating high cost of creating and distributing print-outs.
  • Genee Diamond Vision lens for optimum clarity
  • 4 x 4 capture review
  • Widescreen ready
  • Automatic adjusting lens for seamless short throw/ long throw transition
  • One touch image rotation for easy full page viewing
  • 12 x optical zoom, 8 x electrical zoom (96x Total Zoom)
  Visualiser Features
Camera 1/3" Pro CMOS
Resolution SXGA (1280 x 1024)
XGA (1024 x 768)
Total Pixels 2,000,000
Lens 12 x optical zoom, 8 x electrical zoom
Camera Rotation Vertically 330°
Focus Auto/Manual selectable
Negative/positive conversion Yes

Black/white and color selection

Image Freeze Yes
Image Save & Recall 16 frames save, 4 x 4 multiple screen display
Lights Arm light: 1.5W LED lamps x 2
Back light: 4W LED lamps
Input connectors

C Video IN (RCA) (1)

S Video IN (4-pin DIN) (1)
Audio IN (Mini Jack) (2)
MIC IN (phone jack)(1)
PC Audio (2)
Output connectors RGB DB15FLC (2)
C Video OUT (RCA) (1)
S Video OUT (4-pin DIN) (1)
Audio OUT (Mini Jack) (1)
USB connector 5 frames/sec
RS-232 connector D-Sub, 9-pin, male / 6-pin PS/2
USB port

USB 2.0

Power requirements 12V/4A external AC adapter
Dimension (W x D x H) Folded: 510 x 410 x 120mm
Setup: 510 x 530 x 230mm
Packing: 650 x 540 x 230mm
Weight N.W: 5.5Kg
G.W: 9.5Kg
Accessories AC power cable, RGB cable, Audio/Video cable, S Video cable, Computer RS232 cable, Projector RS232 cable, USB cable, Audio convert cable, AC adaptor, User manual, Software CD, Infrared remote control, Warranty card
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