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Genee Vision 2200 Visualiser / Document Camera

Genee Vision 2200 Visualiser / Document Camera
By embodying the Genee advanced technologies; the latest addition to the Genee Visualiser range, now offers both an, affordable and a highly portable, desktop solution. With the Genee Vision 2200, it is very easy to:
  • Expand source materials
  • Present 3D design
  • Reproduce both image and video
Featured with this high spec product, is:
  • 5MP and 2MP dual camera
  • Powerful LED lights
  • And further developed Genee Vision software
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A visualiser is a teaching / presentation tool that enables teachers to share a much wider range of information and artefacts with their pupils or audience via their digital projector or LED touch screen.

The Genee Vision 2200 is very user friendly and has no additional power supply. Meaning all that is needed to start is for you to just simply, plug into the USB port, run the Genee Vision software, and that is simply it!

The Genee Vision 2200, provides a simple one cable, utility, erasing any confusion of cables to sort out, which can save a lot of, presentation planning time. Also with the digital, user-friendly interface, you can simply control all actions with your own computer and mouse.

Advanced Software

Genee Vision Software allows you to link your digital Visualiser to your computer for presenting, expanding and reproducing of both video and still images.

Ideal for use in a classroom setting and any other environment, where digital imagery is needed. Key features included with the advanced software, are:

  • Multi-camera support
  • OCR Text Recognition
  • Digital Zoom
  • Freeze Function
  • Capturing of images
  • Recording Videos and much more
  • Desktop / Portable Visualiser
  • Presenter camera (dual camera)
  • No separate power supply required
  • Multiple camera support
  • LED lighting
  • Focus free camera
  • Windows XP / Vista / Win 7
  • Free software
  • 5 Million pixel resolution
  • Digital zoom
  • 5 year warranty (requires registration)
  • Easy to carry, weight under 1.6 kg
Camera CMOS
2592 X 1944 (main camera)
1600 X 1200 (presenter camera)
Total pixels
5 Mega pixel (main camera)
2 Mega pixel (presenter camera)
Field of View
A4 and under
Controlled by software buttons
USB 2.0
6 LED light function
Power Source
From USB port ONLY meeting green initiative
Operating system
Windows XP, VISTA; Win 7
IWB Compliant
Compliant with Genee Powerboad, Pro Digital Plus and most current boards
Digital Zoom
Controlled by software
Controlled by software
Controlled by software
Gain Control
Controlled by software
Controlled by software
Controlled by software
Colour / B&W
Controlled by software
Negative / Positive
Controlled by software
Capture / Freeze
Controlled by software
Image Format
Video Format
3 years (5 years when registered)
Weight 1.59 KG
Dimensions Visualiser: 98mm x 93mm x 394mm
Base: 360mm x 330mm x 12mm
Download Guide
All our product guides are available on the Genee World website in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader, Preview or Safari (for Mac users) is required to view a manual. To download Acrobat Reader free, visit the Adobe website.

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