Thank You ISE

65,682 visitors and 1,100 exhibitors later, the ISE 2016 show is done. This year’s figures mean that ISE is now officially the largest pro AV show in the world and all signs indicate continued growth for the popular European Expo. The show provided an insight into future technologies and Genee World were proud to be part of it. The four day exhibition flew by with our stand buzzing with resellers, partners, distributors and customers from across the globe.

Genee World were excited to introduce visitors to our new BYOD educational collaboration software PROJECT FLOW in partnership with EXO U. This new software transforms classroom management for teachers, and empowers student interaction, as pupils are now being encouraged to bring their own devices as part of everyday learning. PROJECT FLOW enables the sharing of content and activity monitoring in multi-device learning environments. More information on our new software will be shared soon!

TRUTOUCH X7 Corporate Touchscreen

x7newThe new TRUTOUCH X7 touchscreen provides a complete video conferencing and collaboration solution specifically designed for boardrooms and corporate environments. The X7s proved to be a huge success with business professionals, international resellers, partners and distributors, and our team were delighted to provide an array of demonstrations. If you were unable to make it to ISE or the Genee stand, here are a few reasons why the X7 is the perfect platform for your next conference call, presentation or collaborative business meeting.

With a sleek design and simple PCAP interface, writing on a touchscreen has never felt so accurate, smooth and natural, giving business professionals the extra confidence when presenting. With simplicity in mind, the X7 requires just one touch to start a meeting and you’re up and running.

For video conferencing purposes two high quality audio speakers enable the delivery of authentic human voices transmitting, making remote conversations feel as though they are happening in the same room. In addition to the speakers, the builtin advanced microphone array features acoustic echo cancellation, auto gain control and noise reduction technology, meaning all participants can be heard clearly across an 8-meter meeting room. The two 1080p wide angle cameras strategically placed on the top and bottom of the screen allows participants to interact with one another naturally between multiple locations and be seen clearly whether the meeting is conducted sat on chairs or presenters are moving around the room.

A single touch turns the screen into an interactive whiteboard, where presenters can annotate, share ideas and comment with other meeting members (you can even use a pencil on the screen for even more writing precision). The three frequent collaboration meeting programs used in your business will then be easily accessible with one touch in the quick start list.

Finally for those all important business meetings where the whole team is collaborating at the same time, the X7 allows for a full BYOD experience, simply connect the way you want through your smartphone, tablet, note book or laptop. This array of connectivity offerings makes the X7 an ideal solution for businesses to use with Skype for Business, as you can connect with anyone, on any device! An extra nifty X7 feature is that businesses can brand their X7s with their own company logo on the lock and home screen.

H-series-withwindows10Genee ‘Magic’ Table

The Genee ‘Magic’ table also received an incredible response, as many ISE visitors were impressed with its contemporary coffee table design (which can be customised to suit preference), and the touch technology built into the table. Conduct your business meetings over a cup of coffee, whilst also using the fully interactive touchscreen with built-in Windows software. The built-in PC means that the Genee ‘Magic’ Table can offer numerous uses and can easily fit into any environment, creating a stylish solution for savvy, technology conscious businesses.

Tilt & Touch Tables

For the education sector, our Early Years and Junior Tilt & Touch Tables provided great fun on the stand as visitors enjoyed a bit of healthy competition playing on Genee’s gaming software designed to enhance gamification learning in primary schools. Our Learn-Hub software include quizzes where questions and answers can be created by the teacher to suit their lesson plans, along with a selection of number based and word search activities.

Genee Registrar

Following the huge success and pre-orders it received from the BETT show, we decided to ship the Registrar off to ISE where we found it to be equally, if not more, successful in Europe as we did in the UK. As a fully automated visitor entry system, Registrar provides education environments with full visitor management and emergency evacuation control.

For more information on the Genee Registrar and how it can transform your reception areas, read our previous blog by clicking on the following link https://www.geneeworld.com/visit-us-at-ise/

On a final note to close out this ISE blog post, Genee World would like to thank all those who visited us on our stand, it was great to meet new and familiar faces and being able to chat with you all face to face. If you were unable to attend ISE or visit our stand but are interested in learning more about our products and how they are transforming learning environments, get in touch with one of our friendly AV consultants who will be more than happy to have chat and answer any enquiries on +44 (0)1902 390878 or email enquiries@geneeworld.com


Introducing our new Learn-Hub software to enhance gamification in the classroom

Introducing Genee World’s new software release of Learn-Hub, NEW to 2016.

What is it?

Learn-Hub is brand new software developed by Genee World specifically for primary school teaching. Combining collaborative learning and gamification, Learn-Hub provides a selection of adaptive multiuser activities including Word Search, Quiz, Matching Activities, Multiplication, Subtraction, Addition, and Number Grids.

Who is it for?

Learn-Hub has been created to fit into the National Curriculum for all primary school teaching, covering key stages 1-2, with the aim of motivating students and enhancing learning in the classroom.

What are the benefits?

Over recent years, gamification has become THE buzz word in the education sector as learning professionals and educators focus on game-playing in the classroom to engage and motivate students via collaboration and teamwork activities. Add in a healthy mix of competition, goal achievement and a dashing of fun, environments begin to benefit from a greater level of learning!

Learn-Hub includes a fully customisable template engine that allows users to create their own activity topics and provide a perfect companion to normal lesson planning.

If you would like further information or have any questions about the Learn-Hub software, a Genee World team member will be happy to answer any enquiries you may have on 01902 390 878 or visit us at www.geneeworld.com



Visit us at ISE

ISE AMSTERDAM 2016 is just around the corner and Genee World are looking forward to another successful exhibition! After a hugely productive BETT 2016 Event, the Genee World Team will be raring to demonstrate our latest interactive software and hardware solutions.
For those of you attending the ISE show, here is a quick overview of the solutions on display at the Genee World Stand DL200.

Genee Registrar is our brand new Automated Visitor Entry System which offers educational institutions a simple, automated visitor registration solution using the latest touchscreen technology.

The Genee Registrar system consists of a 21.5” interactive PCAP touchscreen with Genee’s very own simple to use visitor management software, flexible webcam, barcode scanner and ID badge printer. It provides the complete security entry system for school areas and workplaces where visitor entry needs to be carefully monitored and controlled.

A great aspect of the Registrar is the email notification feature which can be set up to alert staff, administrators and other personnel of a visitor’s arrival. For staff sign-in, card readers can be added to the Registrar so that the staff’s card can both sign them in and unlock a door.

Genee Registrar can be integrated into Capita’s SIMS management system, which is used by over 3,000 educational facilities across the UK. This implementation allows Genee Registrar to automatically update SIMS, and more importantly for security reasons, integrates with DBS databases, making DBS checking even simpler!

Key Features of Genee Registrar:

  • Evacuation tool
    • Staff can determine who is inside the building at the click of a button using the Registrar Mobile Web App.
    • Safely view reports on your mobile device with Evacuation Mode to ensure safe and informed building clearance.
  • Central management
    • Keep track of all personnel, visitors and students signing in and out, create attendance/lateness and visitor reports.
  • ID photos and badges
    • Visitors can print their own ID photos, barcodes and badges with a simple to use self-service option.
  • Customisable display
    • Systems can be customised to suit the requirements of the organisation, to include branding and preferred colours.
    • Customise your Registrar by adding an NFC card/tag reader or Paxton Net2 Entry Reader for a single card solution
  • Email Alerts
    • Receive direct email alerts of when visitors have arrived
  • SIMS Integration
    • The software integrates with the majority of school management systems such as SIMS
  • DBS Secure Sign-in
  • Registrar will work with existing RFID/NFC door entry key fobs
  • Units can be managed through an internal network
  • Multiple sites can be linked together if already connected by VPN

Genee World are also proud to introduce the new corporate 70” X7 touchscreen, specifically designed for collective collaboration between business professionals. The X7 provides twin built-in cameras, along with powerful omnidirectional microphones providing crisp, clear audio pick up. Ideal for boardroom presentations, the X7 will work with a multitude of video conferencing software and provides the ability to annotate within presentations, whilst recording the full session.

Having unveiled the X7 at BETT 2016, response was hugely positive and orders have already been taken. Come and see Genee’s latest PCAP Interactive Display offering at our ISE Stand DL200 and take advantage of a personal demonstration.

And one final word on the Junior Tilt & Touch and the Early Years Tilt & Touch Tables. These interactive, multi touchscreen tables can be operated as a flat table or tilted vertically, locking in place at any angle. The Early Years table is ideal for nursery and Key Stage 1 as it is pre-packed with gaming software which covers Early Years foundation numeracy, literacy, creativity, letter formation, music, art and much more. The Junior Tilt and Touch has been specifically designed for 7-11 year olds and also comes with engaging gamification software to enhance Key Stage 2 learning. It is also a great teaching tool to encourage children to socialise, learn to take turns, work together, share and communicate.

To find out more about our product ranges or if you would like to book in a consultation with one of our AV specialists at ISE, call us on +44 (0) 1902 390878 or email enquiries@geneeworld.com.

See you there!


BETT Show 2016

Another year, another January but more importantly another BETT Show 2016 is now over. And what an exhilarating BETT show it was. It was great to experience all the new products and solutions on offer with the aim of empowering engagement and learning in education.

First off, hopefully those who attended this year had the opportunity to witness our superstar presenter Matt Ely in action demonstrating our renowned SPARK software, created by a teacher for teachers. It provides a presenter or teacher with an infinite canvas area, a feature which no other software can do. In addition to importing documents and images from local files, the internet or using the 12,000 live animations from Genee Explorer, this software will run over the top of other applications allowing you to annotate, highlight and manipulate objects. It is a teacher’s very own handy interactive toolbar for them use in a way which personally suits them.

SPARK certainly seemed to capture the attention of many primary and secondary school teachers, as well as college and University professionals.

Registrar CutoutGenee World also introduced its new Visitor Entry & Security Management Solution, Genee Registrar, and received great feedback from our UK and international visitors at BETT.

The Genee Registrar system consists of a 21” interactive PCAP touchscreen loaded with Genee’s proprietary visitor management software, flexible webcam, barcode scanner and thermal badge printer. Registrar’s nifty email and text notification will alert staff members to the arrival of new visitors, and the option to add automatic Entry Readers will provide establishments with the ability to maintain un-manned reception areas, and allow visitors entry to pre-designated areas.

Much of our feedback revolved around the impressive security element the Registrar provided, for example, staff can keep track of all personnel, visitors and students signing in and out, which is excellent for attendance reporting. Also with the handy evacuation tool, administrators are able to ascertain who is in the building at the touch of a button.

x7newWe also had a fantastic response regarding our new corporate G-Touch X7 PCAP interactive touchscreen, specifically designed for video conferencing and corporate collaboration. With twin integrated cameras and omnidirectional microphones built-in, business professionals are able to conduct video conference meetings across multiple sites, and with endless users. Utilising industry standard video conferencing tools the X7 provides a world of opportunity to savvy business teams.

After an exciting BETT week, meeting some great resellers (new and existing) and having the opportunity to showcase where Genee World are heading this year, our next stop will be the ISE show in Amsterdam. If will you be attending, come say hello at Stand DL-200.

To find out more about our products or if you would like to book in a consultation with one of our AV specialists, call us on +44 (0) 1902 390878 or email enquiries@geneeworld.com.

Watch The Video Here


Simple, Digital Signage Solutions from Genee World

If you are looking for a simple, digital signage solution to manage content across multiple locations, then look no further!

Genee World’s Signage Live Bundles allows users to manage and schedule their content and how it is displayed across multiple screens, in the same venue or from further afield.
Genee Partner ‘Signagelive’ are experts in cloud-based digital signage technology which helps automate digital advertising processes. In this digital age of printing less and communicating more through digital means, digital signage is a powerful advertising tool for increased consumer engagement.
The easy to use, intuitive software requires no installation as all you need is a web-browser and a display screen. The web-based control panels allows companies to control the content of each individual screen from anywhere in the world. This nifty software platform provides an interactive dimension to an otherwise static signage application, thus delivering an engaging and effective digital signage experience to consumers.
Our digital signage solutions provides full support for various content formats including static images, HD video, web/intranet pages, IPTV streaming, image layering, RSS feeds, multi-zoning for different media types, portrait support and screen on and off control. It also comprises optional proof of content and delivery functionality for better network and campaign management.

Key Features of signagelive:

  • Upload images and video either directly or from a host of third party sources
  • Display an IPTV stream, webpage or intranet page
  • 300 background templates to choose from or design your own
  • Drag and drop playlist creator
  • Preview and save playlists ready to be published
  • Manage media on any device with an internet connection and a display screen
  • Manage content from HQ and/or locally at the screen location
  • Monitor performance on all registered devices
  • Produce relevant reports
  • Automatically update changes

To empower education environments, Genee World have bundled a single user license of Signage Live with two of our top selling Pro Monitor Displays to provide a one-stop starter solution.

Visit our website and find out more information on our Signage Live bundle opportunities and how they can transform your environment and digital messaging.


A new range of digital signage available from Genee World

Genee World, the Midlands-based manufacturer of interactive displays and devices, has announced the launch of the G-Display range of high-quality digital signage displays. G-Displays include a video wall, a freestanding digital poster and professional screens.

G Display products

G-Display Video Walls are comprised of 46” screens, which enable you to achieve a seamless video wall however big you project may be.

Digital signage screens come in a variety of sizes from 19”- 65” screens. These include a range of slimline display screens with built-in HD media players. No need for additional hardware, simply plug in a USB stick, loaded with content, and play.

The range also includes a non-interactive outdoor freestanding digital poster with its own built-in Android media player.

To find out more about the range please go to https://www.geneeworld.com/product-category/digital-signage/


Genee World launch new range of interactive tablets

Genee World has announced the lauG-Tab and casench of the G-Tab, a range of new high-quality, cost-effective tablets for the education and corporate sectors. The G-Tab range supports Android and currently tablets are produced in two sizes, 8” and 10”. All tablets come with   a specially design case with a built-in keyboard.

  • The high-definition screen offers 8” & 10” LCD displays
  • Enhanced processing speed with the Cortex A7 Quad-Core Processor
  • Built-in Android 4.4.2 KitKat offers a many pre-installed apps and additional 1,00,000+ apps available for download
  • 8GB of internal storage and up to 32GB with an additional memory card allows you to store large amounts of information
  • 5mp rear camera and make video calls with front 2mp camera
  • High speed WiFi connectivity
  • A choice of silver and white/Teal and black casing
  • G-Tabs come with a case with buit-in keyboard




Genee World launch interactive touch tables for the corporate market

G-Touch Table5G-Touch Table2

Genee World has announced the launch of the G-Touch Table. The G-Touch Table is designed to give corporate and retail environments a high-tech look, while allowing visitors in reception areas, stores and showrooms access to company and product information, the internet and entertainment.

The high-quality interactive touchscreen table comes in four designs and can be further customised to suit the organisation’s requirements and branding. Bespoke software options are also available.

The 42” screen is robust and waterproof, so there aren’t any worries about accidents or spillages affecting the performance of the built-in PC, making the G-Touch Table ideal for hospitality environments as well.

The low-level ‘coffee table’ style unit incorporates a 6-10 point touch LCD SAW panel and built-in PC loaded with Windows OS and a variety of presentation and entertainment software.  See full specifications at https://www.geneeworld.com/product/interactive-tables/g-touch-table/

Genee World has traditionally manufactured interactive screens and accessories for the education market, though in recent times has taken its vast experience in interactive and display technology and expanded its product portfolio to include products which are aimed at the corporate, retail and leisure markets, including non-interactive digital signage and kiosks.





To complement its range of touchscreen tablets Genee World launches range of tablet charging trolleys for schools

Genee World has announced the launch of the Genee Charger Units, a range of charging units designed to work in conjunction with its range of Genee Tab interactive touchscreen tablets.Charger and tablets

Genee Charger Units have been produced to help schools manage the increasing use of tablets in schools and are designed in a lightweight material to enable mobility to and from locations around the school. The units also come in a range of primary colours to fit in with the school environment.

Key specifications:

  • Charges up to 32 tablets (USB version 33)
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Cost-effective solution to share technology between rooms
  • Easy to use and tidy
  • Cable management
  • Available in a choice of 4 vibrant colours: red, blue, green or yellow
  • Eco-friendly

AC and USB version available
The AC option allows you to utilise your tablets own charger and USB cables, while the USB version has a built in USB charger, requiring just your tablets USB cables. Which means you can use multiple brands at once.

Low maintenance
All the electronics are housed in an easily removable timer module which in the unlikely event of a problem can be simply swapped out, greatly reducing down time and cost. The Genee Tablet Charging Trolley’s modular design offers true flexibility.


Electrical safety/certification
As with all Genee products, Genee Tablet Charging Trolley has been fully electrically tested, ensuring the highest levels of electrical/build safety and complying with the latest HSE manufacturing guidelines on electrical safety.



Genee World is pleased to announce the launch of the Genee Shard interactive touchscreen kiosk
Shard & Shard Tiltrange. Aimed at the retail, hospitality, leisure, finance and travel industry, the Genee Shard range offers high-quality signage and customer interaction.

“We are extremely excited about launching the Shard range.” Said Ranjit Singh, CEO, Genee World “The kiosks complement the Genee range of interactive touchscreens and also opens our marketplace to the corporate and retail sectors, in fact any sector that has a customer service requirement or is looking for a mechanism to promote their products or services in multiple locations.”

The kiosks can be used as a point-of-sale promotional display, a self-service station or an information point.

Key features and benefits

  • Drive sales with location specific promotions and offers
  • 50” high-definition touchscreen
  • 50,000 hour life
  • Intel Core i3 processor
  • Excellent connectivity (USB, HDMI, DVI, VGA)
  • Supports audio, video formats
  • Sturdy metal frame and toughened glass screen